Friday, 16 January 2009


A couple of reviews of the book have popped up online recently, one on the Modart Magazine blog and one on the Eko System site.

Sunday, 11 January 2009


(Above: FLX and Inkie at Children Of The Jam, Dec 4th 2008)

To those of you who follow this blog and check back regularly on its progress, my sincerest apologies for the extended period of radio silence since the book was published. In no way did I intend this space to go cold as soon as Children Of The Can hit the shops; it was never intended to be a cynical marketing tool, or just another way of letting the world know that there was yet another graffiti book on the market. That is probably how it comes across, however, so let me set the record straight.
After a very successful launch party at the Arnolfini arts centre in Bristol, and a jam with twenty five writers doing their thing just across the water in sub-zero conditions behind us, I decided it was time for a break. It was beginning to feel like the wheels I had set in motion were unstoppable and that the end was just the beginning, so to speak, with promoting and marketing the book taking over my life just when I thought I could relax awhile. Add to this the fact that along with the extremely welcome praise – which made the months and months of working into the small hours worthwhile – came the inevitable backlash from the haters, and it was definitely time to shut up shop for the festive season. So to all of you who got Children Of The Can for Xmas and have let me know how much you enjoyed it: thank you. It was a real labour of love, and to know that it struck a chord with so many of you dissolved any negativity in seconds. 
Happy New Year.

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