Friday, 17 October 2008


The front cover also includes 
this illustration by Feek. He 
was the only person who sprang 
to my mind to do something like 
this, and it's actually based on an 
old TCF logo that was in the folder
of images he gave me for his chapter. 
Fair play to him, he was very 
patient while I fussed over what I 
thought was the correct positioning 
of each element. 
He's a top lad and an amazing artist.


Art-el said...
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Art-el said...

It just gets more and more dope. Typo by Paris and cover design by the Feekster. Super stylin.

Ignore the whiners, bitches & haters. There just vexxed that they havn't got a chapter! Stay positive it's gonna be killer.

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