Friday, 5 December 2008


Last night Front Row finally ran the interview that I recorded a while ago. You can hear it on the BBC iPlayer now. If you don't want to listen to the pieces on Leslie Garrett and the forthcoming 2008 Grammy's that precede the feature, then skip forward approximately 22 minutes. 
The piece also features Inkie and the tiresome Denise James from Bristol City Council's 'Clean and Green' graffiti removal service, making a hash of things and sending mixed messages as usual.


Anonymous said...

Fair play Felix, you didn't try and distance yourself/your book from illegal graffiti as so many have, as this woman was clearly trying to get you to comment on the difference between street art and graff.

Dan said...

I'd love to hear that again but I can't hear it no more! Do you have a link or sumthing?

Improvedliving said...

yeah you got any link?


I Got Wood said...

Hi do you have a recording of this as it is no longer on bbc. Thanks DT

straight said...

Usual small minded council worker claiming it costs £100,000's to catch these graffiti artists and in the same breath says about 50 people have been caught hmm? Great maths you numpty.
How much does it cost to police this, think about that councillor next time you're burgled

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