Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Keeping things really old school for this second post of exclusive book content, this piece was on Station Road, Montpelier, in about 1984, maybe even earlier. A certified contender for 3D's crown at the time, none of us knew anything about Tarzan. Apparently he's still around Bristol today, but he must have stopped painting pretty early on as I only ever remember seeing two pieces by him. The other was on the side of the Beaufort public house, on York Road (again in Montpelier). The influence of the Zoro character from Wild Style is there for all to see, but it doesn't matter, we all thought this was so fresh at the time, and we were all biters back then anyway. 

Big shouts to Mr.Frank Drake for this flick. Like Beezer, he was another early photographer to recognise the beauty of what was appearing on the streets in the early '80s. 

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Acerone said...

Awesome! '84 - gotta be one of the first proper pieces in Bristol? Never seen it, or heard of Tarzan before - Nice one for posting it...
Digging the highlights, hit every one perfectly...!

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